Lightbulbs and Tubes

Once you have made your lighting purchase from us, an obvious question, but which light bulb do you require to maximise the look and light output of your fittings and lamps?

Due to more elaborate lighting designs over recent  years the need for many different types of lightbulbs has increased an allready vast range. To put this in perspective, generally one single lightbulb is made in at least two finishes several wattages and two to three different caps, multiply this by all the many lightbulb shapes and as you can imagine it could add up to a complicated choice when either purchasing lightbulbs for your fittings or just coming into the showroom to purchase replacements  for your existing lighting.

Rest assured we have built a reputation over the years based on our knowledge and huge stock, of being able to supply our customers with all their lightbulb and tubelight requirements. Being there so many variations of lightbulbs in the marketplace it is impossible to catalogue every combination and type, but to help you we have put together in this image gallery a cross section of some of the more basic bulbs we stock, but additionally please click on the manufacturer links to direct you to their main catalogues which will offer a wealth of information and in turn will hopefully enable you to pinpoint that exact bulb or tube you may be searching for.

Alternatively if you are still finding it difficult to pinpoint a particular bulb or tube, please contact us and we will endeavour to  help you scource your particular combination……