Mathmos Lava Lamps

Edward Craven-Walker first saw the beginnings of the idea that became the Lava-lamp in a pub in the Dorset. It was an egg timer designed by Mr. Dunnet in which a blob of liquid rose when the egg was ready. Mr. Walker then spent years developing a formula for a lamp based on this principal. Originally Tree Top orange squash bottles were used for the lava liquids. The lava lamp or Astro lamp as it was then called captured the public’s imagination and became one of the defining products of the 1960s. It appeared in many films and broadcasts of the time including the cult TV series The Prisoner. The product was manufactured in Poole, Dorset, as it still is today, and sold all over the world in large numbers under the original company name of Crestworth. Mr Walker took out world wide patents and made royalty deals with a number of overseas companies to manufacture and sell his invention in their countries for the duration of the patents. Be a part of history, and purchase an iconic Original Lava Lamp today!!

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